Friday April 24. By Invitation only of teams from across Canada and abroad. Join us for an experts day of advanced spasticity procedures in the UBC Anatomy Lab. We will be led by a team of French orthopedic surgeons and Physiatrists on the techniques of percutaneous tenotomy designed for the bedside. The Surgeons will then offer an advanced upper and lower extremity tenotomy, muscle lengthening and neurectomy course. Dr. Emily Krauss will teach selective microfascicular neurectomy and Dr. Goetz, intrinsic release.   In the afternoon physiatrists will focus on nerve specific procedures, such as nerve blocks, phenol and maximizing toxin management.  This is the first of its kind in Canada. Dr. Mary Ann Keenan, the ground-breaking American emeritus spasticity surgeon will be available for expert opinion.

Saturday April 25.  Open to all delegates.  We will introduce percutaneous bedside tenotomy by French physiatrists and orthopedic surgeons as well as complex surgical techniques to address contracture by Canadian, French and American experts.  Discover nerve targeted procedures, including laser and cryoneurotomy.  Learn to manage complex spasticity patterns from start to end stage.  The afternoon will be spent learning surface anatomy and ultrasound targeting for the diagnostic nerve block, the key to muscle selection to direct care.  We will maximize your spasticity care, from toxin targetting to surgical collaboration. Watch our case videos in the tab above.

Friday April 24

Friday April 24
UBC Anatomy Laboratory – Cadaveric Workshop
**Registration by Invitation Only**
0830-0900 Breakfast, Registration & Networking with Exhibitors ALL
0900-1230 Percutaneous Tenotomy Course (max 40 pax) – Flavia Coroian, Bertrand Coulet, Christian Fontaine, Laure Gatin, Antoine Geffrier, Francois Genet, Nadine Sturbois-Nachef, Alexis Schnitzler
Special Guests: Professor Emeritus Stephen Tredwell, Professor Emeritus Mary Ann Keenan, Anne Auger (Anatomist)
1230-1315 Networking Lunch with Exhibitors ALL
1315-1500 Advanced Surgical Techniques for Tenotomy, Tendon Transfers, & Neurectomy – Bertrand Coulet, Christian Fontaine, Laure Gatin, Tom Goetz, Antoine Geffrier, Mary Ann Keenan, Emily Krauss, Nadine Sturbois-Nachef ALL
1500-1530 Networking Break with Exhibitors ALL
1530-1630 Advanced Surgical Techniques for Tenotomy, Tendon Transfers, & Neurectomy – Bertrand Coulet, Christian Fontaine, Laure Gatin, Tom Goetz, Antoine Geffrier, Mary Ann Keenan, Emily Krauss, Nadine Sturbois-Nachef Surgeons
Phenolization Locations for PMR – Flavia Coroian, Omar Khan, Alexis Schnitzler, Tamara Zagustin Non-Surgeons
1630-1730 Microfascicular Nerve Transfers – Emily Krauss Surgeons
Nerve Block Localization for PMR Doctors – Serdar Kocer, Omar Kahn, Rajiv Reebye, Dan Vincent, Paul Winston Non-Surgeons
1730 Faculty Dinner Faculty

Saturday April 25

Saturday April 25
Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health
**Open to All Delegates**
0815-0840 Breakfast, Registration & Networking with Exhibitors
0845-0900 Welcome Remarks – Rajiv Reebye, Paul Winston
0900-1045 Session 1 – Moderators Mary Ann Keenan, Jorge Jacinto
0900-0930 Percutaneous Tenotomy – Flavia Coroian, Francois Genet, Alexis Schnitzler
0930-945 Casting and Taping – Stephano Carda
1000-1015 Heckmatt Scale – Rajiv Reebye
1015-1205 Session 2 – Moderator Francois Genet
1015-1030 Outcomes of Cryoneurotomy – Paul Winston
1030-1045 Outcomes of Laser Neurotomy – Franco Molteni
1045-1115 Networking Break with Exhibitors
1115-1205 Session 3 – Moderator – Paul Winston
1115-1130 Wearable Technologies – Josh Giles
1130-1145 The French Mobile Tenotomy Unit – Laure Gatin
1145-1300 Networking Lunch with Exhibitors &
Industry Sponsored Unaccreditted Educational Sessions
1300-1540 Session 4 – Moderator – Paul Winston
1300-1340 Nerve Block Course – Lectures, US and Anatomic Landmark – OFlavia Cororian, Francois Genet, Omar Kahn, Serdar Kocer, Alexis Schnitzler, Dan Vincent, Paul Winston, Tamara Zagustin.
1345-1540 Nerve Block Practice
1540-1610 Networking Break with Exhibitors
1610-1730 Session 5 – Moderators – Patricia Mills, Heather Finlayson
1610-1640 Acute to Chronic Management of the upper extremity a proposed pathway – Emily Krauss, Nadine Sturbois-Nachef, Paul Winston
1640-1710 Complicated Surgical Cases – Christian Fontaine, Laure Gatin, Antoine Geffrier, Bertrand Coulet, Mary Ann Keenan
1710-1730 Where do we go next? – Francois Genet
1730-1740 Closing & Departure – Rajiv Reebye, Paul Winston