Canadian Advances in Neuro-Orthopedics for Spasticity Consortium (CANOSC)

Our Mission

Provide innovation, instill confidence and competency, through education and collaboration for enhancement of spasticity care

Our Focus

Improving spasticity outcomes, with novel approaches,  with national and international experts.  We encourage all those interested in spasticity to share, collaborate and learn.

Our Goals

  • Provide high-yield educational exchanges, to enhance national and international collaborative experiences, through virtual and in person continuing professional development (CPD);
  • Lead and influence changes in CPD;
  • Improve patient care;
  • Develop novel treatments strategies for spasticity management; and
  • Encourage and nurture “real-world” collaborative spasticity research.

International Board of Directors

  • Alessandro Picelli (PMR) Italy
  • Heather Dow (CEO) Canada
  • Heather Finlayson (PMR) Canada
  • Mary Ann Keenan (Surgeon) USA
  • Nadine Sturbois-Nachef (Surgeon) France
  • Paul Winston (PMR) Canada
  • Rajiv Reebye (PMR) Canada
  • Thierry Deltombe (Orthopedics) Belgium
  • Tom Goetz (Orthopedics) Canada

International Faculty & Champions

  • Adam Kassam
  • Aessandro Picelli
  • Alberto Esquenazi
  • Alessio Baricich
  • Alto Lo
  • Andrei Krassioukov
  • Areerat Suputtitada
  • Bertand Coulet
  • Daniel Vincent
  • Emily Krauss
  • Etienne Allart
  • Eve Boissonnault
  • Flavia Coroian
  • Franco Molteni
  • Francois Genet
  • Fraser Macrae
  • Gerard Francisco
  • Heather Dow
  • Jörg Wissel
  • Jorge Jacinto
  • Jose Alexandre Pereira
  • Keith Sequeira
  • Kishore Mulpuri
  • Larry Robinson
  • Michael Munin
  • Michael Temgoa
  • Omar Khan
  • Paul Chapman
  • Paul Winston
  • Rajiv Reebye
  • Serdar Koçer
  • Sinforian Kambou
  • Stefano Carda
  • Stephen Mcneil
  • Stephen Tredwell
  • Sudhirsen Kowlessur
  • Ted Wein
  • Thierry Deltombe
  • Tom Goetz
  • Waill Khalil