Cryoneurolysis Workshops

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Format & Duration: 2 Full days, 0830-1700 each event
Workshop Title: Cryoneurolysis for Pain and Spasticity Training
Attendance: 2-5 pp per workshop
Faculty: Dr. Paul Winston, Dr. Andrew Round, Dr. Stephanie Muise.
Environment: Clinical treatment
Equipment: Institution to use their own ultrasound handheld. Provided are 10 probes with 40 cartridges for each workshop.

The structure of the education is a 2-day workshop in the core principles of cryoneurolysis, pain and spasticity. Ultrasound guidance training and live patient demonstrations and treatments. In order to supply the education, we require funding to host the courses, organize meals for lectures and access the medical devices (and consumables) for the teaching courses with the appropriate cartridges.



At the end of the workshops, participants will be able to:

  1. Participate in ultrasound guidance training and procedures on patients in multiple patients approximately 10-12 patients each days including cryoneurolysis and additional nerve block assessments prior to treatment for 1-3 patients.
  2. Receive didactic teaching on how to do cryoneurolysis for treating pain associated with spasticity.
  3. Describe the localization of targeted nerves under
  4. Select the appropriate patient for cryoneurolysis and Pain Management
  5. Describe the technical features of the iovera°
  6. Perform cryoneurolysis for pain associated with spasticity

Please note: British Columbia has strict rules about physician licencing and observation. All physicians must receive a licence to observe treatment.

Steps to Attend
  1. Register expression of interest.
  2. You will be contacted for your curriculum vitae
  3. We will obtain permission from Island Health for you to attend. We will extend a letter to the College of Surgeons of British Columbia. They will contact you 6-8 weeks before the workshop. We do however recommend you begin to obtain these documents now.
  4. The most important document is that your governing medical body must send them DIRECTLY a letter stating you are in good standing, without restrictions to your licence.
  5. Also Medical Malpractice is required. If you do have coverage outside your cenre. It is available from the CMPA ( for about $150 CAD

Requirements & Forms

English Language Proficiency Requirement

Language capacity will be assessed for all applicants who were not trained in English.  They may allow a language exemption based on work experience.  The OET is the recommended test if you do not have one of the following:

  1. IELTS Academic examination
    • Minimum score of 9 in each component.
  2. OET Medicine examination
    • Minimum score of 7 in each component.
  3. CELPIP General examination
    • Minimum grade of B in each component.

Those who do not have an exemption are permitted to come as observers but not participate in patient care and interaction.

Requirements Checklist

    1. The applicant is required to submit a Registration Waiver, declaring that they understand the terms and conditions relating to the application process
    1. All physicians must demonstrate proficiency in English to the satisfaction of the Registration Committee.
    2. In case of exceptional circumstances, Visiting Physicians may submit an English Language Proficiency Exception form instead.
    1. An original Certificate of Professional Conduct from the licensing authority where the applicant has been immediately prior to coming to BC, dated within 60 days of commencement of their registration in BC and sent directly from the licensing authority to the College. Copies will not be accepted.
    2. If the applicant’s certificate of professional conduct is not in English, an official translation is required.
    1. A Criminal Record Check must be completed, as required by the Ministry of Public Safety and the Solicitor General, the cost of which is included in the $140 application fee.
    1. The applicant is encouraged to review the Authorization for Release of Information form carefully and decide whether they would like to sign and return a copy of this form.

Visiting Physicians have the following additional documents:  (See the Visiting Physician Checklist for more info)

    1. In order to provide medical care in BC, Visiting Physicians are required to submit an Application for Registration form.
    1. The Confirmation of Identity form must be completed by the applicant’s supervisor only after the applicant has presented their passport and driver’s license to that supervisor in person. Once satisfied that the individual represented in the passport and on the driver’s license is the applicant, the completed Confirmation of Identity form, a signed copy of the applicant’s passport and driver’s license must be submitted by email to within two business days of the start date of the visiting physician’s license. Failure to do so may result in the applicant’s registration and licensure being cancelled and may impact future authorizations from the applicant’s supervisor.

Other Requirements:

The applicant will submit a photocopy (or scanned copy) of the following documents:

    1. If training is to take place in a hospital facility, a letter of approval from the hospital/health authority must be provided.
    2. If training is to take place in an accredited non-hospital facility, a completed Application for Privileges form must be submitted through the Non-Hospital Medical and Surgical Facilities Accreditation Program (NHMSFAP) with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia.
      1. To determine whether a non-hospital facility is acceptable, refer to the List of Accredited Non-Hospital Facilities in BC document.
      2. Contact the NHMSFAP department at 604-733-77587 ext. 2636 for further information.
    1. If the applicant’s diploma and/or specialty certification is not in English, an official translation is required. Where translation is required, it is the responsibility of the applicant to have the document translated by a certified translator, and provide both the original and the certified translation to the College. The College accepts translators certified by the Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia (STIBC). To confirm if a translation service not certified by STIBC is accepted by the College, please get in touch with your College contact.
    2. Specialty certification must be in line with the intended scope of activity in BC and be issued by the applicant’s current jurisdiction of practice.
    1. Before performing or assisting at surgery, assurance must be provided that their liability carrier will cover any possible surgical misadventure in BC, or CMPA coverage must be arranged.

Required Documents

How to Register

After you have reviewed the requirements, and are confident you qualify, use the bottom below to register for this workshop.

Cryoneurolysis Youtube Playlist


Travel Information

Important travel information

Location Victoria General Hospital
1 Hospital Way, Victoria BC V8Z 6R5
Accommodation We suggest you look at accommodations in the downtown inner harbour. Or short stay. We have no preferred location. The hospital is 18 minutes by taxi to the downtown. There are closer accommodations are short stay to the hospital.
Fee At this time the workshops are sponsored.
How to Prepare

Arriving in Victoria

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, located on Vancouver Island. It has its own international airport, code YYJ.  This has connections from Vancouver (12 minute flight),  Seattle, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, with seasonal flights to other cities.

Vancouver is very BIG and there is no bridge, so we recommend booking your flight directly to YYJ!

Victoria is also accessible by:

Atlas of Ultrasound-Guided Nerve-Targeted Procedures for Spasticity

We suggest you prepare by reading CANOSC textbook