Stroke Neuro-rehabilitation: Focus on Stroke Awareness, Acute Treatment and Maximising Abilities

[tabby title=”Tuesday, May 26“]

0800-0830 Breakfast, Registration
Concurrent Sessions
0900-1500 Spasticity Workshop
Facilitators: Dr. Rajiv Reebye, Dr. Serdar Koçer, Dr. Jörg Wissel, Dr. Stefano Carda, Dr. Franco Molteni, Dr. Thierry Deltombe
Practical Strategies to Enhance Quality of Life in Stroke Patients
Shiva Jamwal (OT) and Sue Paddison (PT)

[tabby title=”Wednesday, May 27“]

0800-0830 Breakfast, Registration & Networking with Exhibitors
0830-0845 Introductions
Professor Anba Soopramanien, Dr. Rajiv Reebye
International Society of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISNeReM) President, Dr. Serdar Koçer
Myths, Facts and Realities of Stroke:
Epidemiology, identification, reduction of stroke risk factors
0845-1015 Epidemiology, Incidence and Prevalence – Dr. Rajiv Reebye, Professor Anba Soopramanien
Identification and Reducing Stroke Risk FactorsDr. Stefano Cardo
Public Health Measures for Early Identification of StrokeDr. Rajiv Reebye
1015-1045 Networking Break
Acute Stroke Management:
Identification, Treatment and Follow-up Medical Care
1100-1200 Emergency Assessment – Dr. Jörg Wissel
Follow-up Medical Care –Dr. Jörg Wissel
1200-1300 Networking Lunch
1300-1500 When Does Early Start? About Early Stroke Rehabilitation Pathway Dr. Jörg Wissel, Dr. Stefano Carda
Spasticity: Early and Late Management: Role of Medication, Botulinum Toxin and Adjuvant TherapyDr. Stefano Carda, Dr Rajiv Reebye
1500-1530 Summary of Key Papers Published in 2019/2020 in Stroke Treatment and Stroke Rehabilitation – Dr. Rajiv Reebye, Professor Thierry Deltombe

[tabby title=”Thursday, May 28“]

0800-0830 Breakfast & Registration
0830-0845 Review Day 1 and Objectives for Day 2:
Dr Rajiv Reebye, Professor Anba Soopramanien
Stroke Rehabilitation:
The Importance of Rehabilitation in Maximizing Patient Abilities (Part II)
0845-1000 Swallowing, Communication and Language: Role of the Speech and Language Therapists, ENT Surgeons, Video-Fluoroscopy, NG & PEGDr. Rajiv Reebye
Continence: Assessment and Management Dr. Serdar Koçer
Future of Robotics Use in Stroke Recovery: Improving Grasp to Mobility – Dr. Franco Molteni
1000-1030 Networking Break
1030-1100 Psychological and Psychotherapeutic Management Principles in Management of Pain and Burden of Chronic Disability Following StrokeDr. Ulrike Schwarz
1100-1200 Podium presentations 1 (20 mins)
Podium presentations 2 (20 mins)
Podium presentations 3 (20 mins)
1200-1300 Networking Lunch
Discharge Planning:
Complexities, challenges and opportunities in transitioning from the acute to community setting
1300-1500 Strategies to improve quality of life after stroke: Maintaining Range of Movement (positioning, splinting), Dealing with pain,
Safe seating, When to Mobilize, Choice of wheelchair/cushions –Shiva Jamwal (OT) and Sue Paddison (PT)
Barriers to Safe Discharge From Acute Inpatient Hospital to Community Setting: Discharge planning, assessment environment, proposing adaptations – Dr. Stefano Carda
Follow-up Rehabilitation: Ongoing education through a mobile unit and the community – Professor Anba Soopramanien
Community Advocacy and Importance of Patient Advocacy –Professor Anba Soopramanien
1500-1530 Closing Remarks