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We are inviting Canada’s leading spasticity clinicians, including physiatrists, pediatricians, neurologists, plastic-surgeons, orthopedic-surgeons and neuro-surgeons to join spasticity experts (clinicians including physiatrists) and participate
in groundbreaking approaches to spasticity.

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This is the third year for this interdisciplinary congress on improving spasticity outcomes with novel approaches with an international panel of experts.
We encourage all spasticity and peripheral nerve experts to collaborate and learn. We are inspired to redefine your definition of contracture and maximal and plateaued outcomes. Using a simple technique of performing nerve blocks with US guidance, we have been able to demonstrate the potential length of spastic muscles. Blocking the musculocutaneous to brachialis and biceps, radial to brachioradialis, tibial to the branches of the triceps surae, pectoral nerves, ulnar to FCU, and fascicular branches of the median nerve, the potential for a greater active or passive range of motion can be demonstrated.

Once further range and function are determined then both traditional approaches with botulinum toxin and novel interventions are proposed.

These include:

  • Neurotomy with cryoablation for a long-term, but a reversible technique that causes Wallerian Degeneration but the preservation of the epineurium
  • Neurotomy and microsurgical tendon lengthening with laser
  • World experts will show bedside needle tenotomy contacture and long-term care patients
  • Surgical neurectomy for the upper and lower extremity
    Our Canadian colleagues will also demonstrate:
    • Key peripheral nerves that can selectively be targeted to improve function and quality of life
    • Importance of adjunctive serial casting

    Continuing Professional Development Objectives (but not limited to):

    • Describe and provide direct awareness and knowledge of surgical approaches to spasticity
    • Improve your botulinum toxin injection outcomes
    • Learn to manage your treatment refractory patients
    • Develop the skill set to perform diagnostic nerve blocks for spasticity
    • Develop the skills to provide casting for spasticity
    • Describe novel neurotomy procedures and other novel techniques such as:
      • laser tenotomy,
      • cryotherapy,
      • novel tenotomy procedures
    • Discuss how an interdisciplinary approach can be of benefit to patient care

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    You will have the opportunity to introduce your company’s products and services to 100+ key decision-makers; physicians treating spasticity in an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary setting, PMR, plastic surgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, neurology, neurosurgery, physio and OT, and Orthotists.

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