2023 (2 Webinars)

May 28th Adjunctive Therapy: Optimizing Botulinum Toxin-A Treatment in Focal Spasticity

Feb 10th World Congress of Neurorehabilitation 2022: Congress Highlights and the Impact of Physician Practice

2022 (7 Webinars)

Dec 15th Diagnostic Nerve Blocks

Nov 24th Clinician Practice Patterns and Perceptions on Use of Adjunct Therapies Following Botulinum

Oct 13th AbbVie-ISPRM Congress Highlights and The Impact on Physicians' Practice

May 14th Ultrasound Guided BoNT-A Injections: Strategies to Enhance Delivery of BoNT-A

May 5th Periop Botulinum Toxin Injections to Enhance Surg Outcomes in Pts w/ Spasticity: Research to Clinical App

Jan 27th Neuro Rehabilitation Stroke Short Course pt.2

Jan 20th Rehabilitation of Chronic Post-Stroke

2021 (9 Webinars)

Dec 14th A Novel Approach To New-onset Hemiplegic Shoulder Pain With Decreased Range Of Motion Using Targeted Diagnostic Nerve Blocks: The Vive Algorithm

Nov 11th Post-stroke Spasticity Treatment: Real World International Toxnet Consensus

Jun 8th Phenol Neurolysis - A " Dying Art " That Merits Revival

May 20th Is There A First Principle Argument For The Early Use Of Bonta In Acquired Neurological Disease: Reflections From My Lessons In Stroke Research - Prof. Anand Pandyan

May 13th Canosc Cryoneurotomy For Analgesia & Spasticity - Inaugural Summit

Apr 29th Wearable Robotic Exoskeleton For Overground Gait Training In Upper Motor Neuron Syndrome

Apr 21st Selective Neurectomy In Spasticity Of The Upper Limb - Dr.Caroline Leclercq

Mar 11th Percutaneous Needle Tenotomy - Dr.Flavia Coroian

Jan 21st Potential Reasons For Poor Outcome Of Botulinum Toxin Treatment For Spasticity

2020 (16 Webinars)

Nov 21st Cryoneurotomy For Spasticity Is A Novel Safe Adjuvant Treatment

Nov 4th Risk Factors For Developing Post Stroke Spasticity And Classification System

Oct 29th Real World Data, The Ulis Iii Study And More

Oct 15th The Ino Score - How To Build A Therapeutic Strategy For The Spastic Upper Limb

Oct 14th Clinical Application Of Alcohol Chemoneurolysis

Sep 9th Unmet Needs In Recurring Symptom Management In Adults With Spasticity

Jun 25th Surgical Techniques For Spasticity Debated & Explained - Neurectomy, Tenotomy Or Muscle Lengthening

Jun 13th Hsp Management Nerve Blocks And Surgery Toxin And Pt

Jun 11th Master Class With Pr. Thierry Deltombe: How Diagnostic Nerve Block With Anaesthetics May Help You To Treat Spastic Patient?

May 28th Adjunctive Therapies To Optimize Botulin Toxin Injections For Spasticity

May 25th Tens Practical Application

May 14th Us Guidance For Improving Spasticity Care

May 7th Surgical Approaches To The Upper & Lower Limb

Mar 21st Cyroneurotomy For Spasticity - Dr. Paul Winston Md Frcpc

Feb 19th Shoulder Adduction Contacture

Feb 18th Ain Neurectomy To Pq For Spasticity

2019 (5 Webinars)

Oct 10th Ulnar Intrinsics Nerve Block Assessment

Aug 20th Utrasound Of Tibial Nerve Block To Gastrocnemius Heads

Aug 20th Early Intervention With Onabotulinumtoxina

Aug 20th Nerve Block To See If We Can Restore Hand Function

Aug 20th Can Cutting Nerves Restore Hand Function?

Aug 20th Cryoneurotomy In Tibial Nerve In A Pregnant Patient

May 16th Companion To Cryoneurotomy Paper - Winston Et. Al.

Mar 19th Surgical Candidate X264

Mar 19th Why Canosc Pecs And Cryo X264

Jan 1st 9 Days Post Bilateral Pectoral Cryo

Jan 1st Casting

Jan 1st Microfascicular Selective Neurectomy Of Spacicity

Jan 1st Ulnar Elbow And Median Carpal Tunnel